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About Our PTAC & Fan Coil Covers:

We've worked on covering PTAC and Fan Coil systems from the very beginning. In 2005 we decided to start broadening our reach when we showed our products at the International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show in New York. There we were introduced to a determined group of boutique hotel owners who were in search of an improved look. Given our prior experience, we knew we were up to the task.

After jumping through hoops to get our products approved for use by one of the largest PTAC manufacturers, we are proud to say that we passed with flying colors! In addition to having worked with homeowners, we have now also worked to cover some of the largest hotel chains out there such as Marriott, Hilton Hotel and Holiday Inn, to name just a few.

It goes without saying that our PTAC and Fan Coil covers are built by the same group of Mennonite cabinetmakers we've worked exclusively with for the last 20 years.

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PTAC & Fan Coil Covers

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